Before anything, a foreword

I have been thinking about putting up a separate blog for all my bookish stuff for weeks now. I’ve been blogging for years. Right now I have my Tumblr blog – The Bright-eyed Wanderer – where I put everything and The Magic Room Project – a site which I share with some very good friends. I thought creating one more blog to add to the ones I already have was just too much. Blogging takes time and effort. You have to maintain it, post regularly – it is like taking care of a pet only minus scooping up poop and daily walks.

Yesterday, I was chatting with my best friend on Facebook. I asked her if making another blog fully dedicated to all my bookish stuff was a good idea. I presented her with the following points: (1) Pros: 1.1 Contents will be more organized, 1.2 Book-related posts won’t be buried under my reblogged stuff, 1.3 (and this weigh heaviest) I won’t be tempted to just reblog other people’s posts; (2) Cons: 2.1 Another log in to memorize and add to my growing number of log infortions, 2.2 Maintenance, obviously, 2.3 Me being naturally negativistic towards starting a new project. It was an equal game.

Guess what, I caved in and thus In Between Book Pages is born. *jazz hands*

I have always loved books and reading, It’s my second love with writing coming at first and somehow this blog will combine both. My first posts following this one would have already been posted on my Tumblr page. But I promise there will be fresh ones coming soon.

So, there you go. This has been my sort of foreword. Whoever you are, wherever you are I hope that you enjoy whatever I post here and, of course, you are welcome to leave comments.