Wish List: Lissa Price’s “Starters” (and soon… “Enders”)

The cover for Lissa Price‘s “Enders” was recently revealed and it looks awesome. Just look at it. LOOK AT IT!!!


I have been meaning to get Starters for quite some time now. The story sounds interesting but I have been reading a lot of YA sci-fi and dystopian literature lately and I need a cleanse of some sort. It’s better that way. It gives my mind a little bit of time to process the stories I’ve read. My head tends to mix plots together when I read books of the same genre so closely together and I don’t want that. I want to fully appreciate every single story I read.

Anyway, enough with the babble. I’ll get the book this weekend. =)

While Enderss release is still on January 7 next year, you can freely salivate over its amazing cover and a bit of an excerpt HERE