Out of the Pages: Beating the Backlist

If you’re like me, you have tons of books on your TBR pile at home and Want-to-Read shelf on Goodreads. Books gathering dust, their pages slowly turning yellow all waiting to be read.

Okay, that sounds a bit too dramatic, but you get my point.


It’s a bad habit, buying books and forgetting to read (or holding off on them because you found another one to read) and clicking perhaps too happily on the Want to Read button on Goodreads, and I want to beat ’em SO, I decided to join Austine of Novel Knight‘s Beat the Backlist Challenge.

It’s a pretty simple challenge. You get to pick books from your backlist – be it books you’ve put off reading in favor of new releases or older books you’ve only discovered now – read at your own pace and set your own reading goal. What’s more, you get to join a team (there are 4 and I’m on Dewey Dragons πŸ˜‰) and earn points, kind of like pitting Hogwarts Houses against each other.

I’ve already started with the challenge reading one of the books on my WTR shelf on Goodreads –Β The Murder ComplexΒ by Lindsay Cummings. I’m aiming for a modest 10 books from my backlist this year, since I already have a couple of forthcoming releases waiting for me to read and review them. If you want to join, the here is the link.

I’m excited to know what you decide to read from your backlist.



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