Music Monday: “Girls Like You” by The Naked and Famous

Music Mondays

Music Monday is a book meme where you share a song you really like. It is hosted by The Tattoed Book Geek.

It’s Monday again! (At least here on my side of the planet. I know it must still be sunday night for most of you.)

I’m back at work today after being off yesterday. As it is, I woke up early eventhough I stayed up late last night reading A Thousand Beginnings and Endings, a YA anthology featuring stories from South, East and Southeast Asian myths. It was a great book and I’m going to be writing my review of it later after work so I can gush about it more.

Anyway, this monday’s MM feature song is Girls Like You by The Naked and Famous.


I don’t know but every time I hear this song I’m reminded of Sam Kingston and her friends from Lauren Oliver’s Before I FallSomething about the lyrics going “Don’t you know people write songs about girls like you?” Then the questions that follow that line, it just reminds of Sam and her friends in the book. They are what we would call the “it” girls in their school – unattainable, looked-up to and envied at the same time – until that fatal accident that changes everything.

Before I Fall is one of my most favorite books. I loved Sam, she’s a conflicted character, caught in between who she really is and who she is with her friends. The book dealt with the stages of grief beautifully, especially at the end when Sam finally accepts her fate.

The movie adaptation, which was released last year, starred Zoey Deustch as Sam Kingston. I don’t know how good it is since I haven’t seen it yet, (Not even on video because I’m bad at catching up with the latest movies.  I’d really rather sleep and read books) but I read somewhere (PopSugar, I think ) that there were a number of changes in the movie.

Anyway, that’s it for me today. I wish all of you a happy week ahead. Hopefully y’all are experiencing better weather than we are here in the Philippines. It’s been raining heavily the past 3-4 days because of a tropical storm that’s sucking in the Southerlies. So, tropical storm plus southerlies equals more rain for us. 😓 😓 😓



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What are you listening to today? Do you also make soundtracks for the books you read?