Music Mondays: “Control” by Halsey



Music Mondays

Music Monday is a book meme where you share a song you really like. It is hosted by The Tattoed Book Geek.

This Monday’s MM song feature is inspired by one of my (problematic) faves, Adelina Amouteru from Marie Lu‘s The Young Elites trilogy.

My favorite characters are usually the conflicted ones – those who have to fight their own internal battles in addition to the battles they have to wage outside themselves. But usually, no matter how flawed those characters are, in the end, they chose what’s right. Positive character development, you could call it.

Adelina’s different.

Succumbing to the darkness inside her and fueled by her need to avenge herself, she becomes worse as the Young Elites trilogy progressed. And somehow, in the middle of her negative character development, I saw a part of myself in her.

She still ends up doing the right thing though, so her story is still one of hope.

Anyway, the song I picked for today is by Halsey. Control is from her first album Badlands.

Hope you enjoyed my song pick for today. And, here’s me hoping we all have a good week ahead of us.



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4 thoughts on “Music Mondays: “Control” by Halsey

      • Rachel says:

        YES!!! I just want to yell at Adelina the entirety of The Rose Society. Enzo doesn’t love her. He only sees someone who resembles & reminds him of his first love. Such a contrast to Magiano, especially in Midnight Star. Ah, that ending. Still gets me every time. 😭 😭 😭


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