First Line Fridays: “Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win” by Jo Piazza

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Look who’s taking a quick break from work to post. Yeah, me! This week has been totally crazy busy and stressful. I expected it, but somehow I wasn’t still prepared enough for it. I actually almost forgot about FLF. Here I am though, with a post, so I consider that good.

My FLF today is from a book that discusses very relevant and timely issues.





Tell people one true thing before you tell them a lie. Then it will be easier for them to believe the lie.






I started this book late last week, but still have about 30% more to the end. I’m enjoying it though and I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish it this weekend.

Alright, that’s it for now.



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30 thoughts on “First Line Fridays: “Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win” by Jo Piazza

  1. lelandandbecky says:

    Happy Friday! My first line is from Susan May Warren’s book “The Heat is On”.

    “Skye Doyle was going to get everyone killed.”

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  2. carylkane says:

    Happy Friday! My first line comes from Dreaming Spies by Laurie R. King….

    “It’s a rock, Holmes”


  3. susandyer1962 says:

    Happy Friday!😎

    My First Lines come from If Ever I Would Leave You by Susan May Warren…….

    “Watching you die is the last thing I want to do on a Saturday morning.” Sierra said it in a low mutter, nearly under her breath, but Ian heard it anyway, a slash across his chest, right between the ribs.

    Have a great weekend, stay cool, and Happy Reading!😊💖📚

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  4. amystanton says:

    Happy Friday! Intriguing first line. Now we know the narrator is untrustworthy…but we are in her confidence…hmm.

    My first line is from The Lonely Polygamist by Brady Udall. “To put it as simply as possible: this is the story of a polygamist who has an affair.”

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    • Rachel says:

      Oh, she is, but…it’s complicated and I find myself often asking if I’ll do the same thing if I were in her situation.

      That’s intriguing. How does one have an affair if you’re already a polygamist?

      Thanks for dropping by, Amy. Happy weekend! 😀

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  5. bellesmoma16 says:

    Happy Friday!

    Today on my blog, I’m sharing the first line from Woman of Clay by Linda Caddick. I’m currently on chapter 11, so I will share the first line from this chapter.

    “Spring burst almost overnight in a full palette of brilliant colour, transforming the world into one which barely resembled the one Shana had inhabited just a week or two before.”

    Hope you have an excellent weekend filled with great reading time! 😁❤📚

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  6. Anneliese Dalaba says:

    On my blog, I’m featuring The Purchased Bride by Kit Morgan. Here, I will share the first line from Chapter Four of that novel. “Herman Mayer wasn’t the brightest or the nicest man around, and he knew it.” Wishing you a great Friday!

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  7. Paula Shreckhise says:

    My FLF quote is from Ann Gabhart’s newest book: River to Redemption.

    June 1833
    Adria Starr didn’t want her mother and little brother to stop breathing the way her father had. She wanted to take care of them. She was seven.

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  8. Caitlin H says:

    Happy Friday 🙂

    Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win sounds like an interesting book. The opening line hooks me as a reader and I want to read more. I’ll have to add this to my growing list of books to read.

    This week’s FLF is Jen Turano’s A Match of Wits. I’m also reading Roseanna M. White’s Circle of Spies from the Culper Ring Series:

    “Marietta Hughes was the worst widow in the history of mourning.”

    Hope you have a nice weekend 🙂

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  9. Becky says:

    Isn’t that the sad truth though? Looks like a great read.
    Haha, I totally forgot to almost post my post last week too!

    I’m sharing about “Trials of the Mighty” by Kenyon T. Henry on the blog today, but I’m currently reading “Unafraid” by Carey Scott. I’ll share the first line of chapter two.

    Authentic living. What does it even mean?

    Have a great weekend and happy reading!

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  10. Alicia G. Ruggieri says:

    Wow, that first line reminds me of how C.S. Lewis talks about mixing in the truth with lies to make the lie more believable and stronger!

    Over on my blog, I’m sharing the first line from The Auschwitz Escape, but here I’ll share the first line from another book on my TBR pile, Anne Graham Lotz’ The Daniel Prayer: “The air was electric. People were shouting, crying, pleading with God.”

    Have a blessed weekend! 🙂

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  11. Iola Goulton says:

    That first line is the basis for all fiction: anchor readers in truth and they’ll believe the fiction.

    I’m sharing from Open Circle by Stacy Monson on my blog.

    But Then There Was You by Kara Issac has just won the 2018 RITA Award for Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements from Romance Writers of America, so I’m going to share the first line to celebrate Kara’s win:

    Paige McAlister didn’t think think it was possible, but there was something worse than being single and thirty at your nineteen-year-old sister’s wedding.

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