Music Mondays: “Paris” by Chicosci

Music Mondays

Music Mondays is a book meme where you share a song you really like. It is hosted by The Tattoed Book Geek.

I listen to a whole lot of types of music. Doesn’t matter if it’s pop, rock, alternative, country or R&B, as long as it’s good and I like it, I’ll listen to it. Back in high school though, I mainly listened to just rock (mostly emo-screamo rock). I don’t why exactly but I theorize (Wow, theorize? Really Rach?!?) it’s part of me trying to get to know myself more – trying to find out what things I like and what I don’t? Kind of like that.

Anyway, today’s Music Monday is a little bit of a throwback to that time. Here’s Paris by Chicosci.

The band is not as active in the music scene as they used to when I was in high school and college, but I still listen to this song. It’s a good one when I need some picker-upper or whenever I’m in the mood for something with a lot of drums, and this song certainly has that.

I have some things lined up for the blog this week, my limited time permitting. My review of Fiona Davis’ The Masterpiece is set to be posted tomorrow. I might have another review of a backread I recently finish late last week. Right now though, I’m kind of trying to finish Adib Khorram’s Darius the Great is Not Okay. I didn’t notice that my copy is about to expire (I only have 7 days left) and now I’m rushing to finish it. I’m positive I’ll finish it before it expires though so I’m still good.

I hope this week plays out well for all of us. It’s August’s first full week and from here on out, days will fly by all of us. I’m really excited for December!

Alright, that’s it for me today. Ta-ta!



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    • Rachel says:

      Haha! I understand. Holiday season can be quite stressful. One review is coming up today. I have it scheduled to post later. I’m just letting it sit there for a while more. 😊

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