Music Mondays: “Fat Lip” by Sum 41 (Plus a bit of a work-related rant)

Music Mondays

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Hello, everyone!

I hope your Monday is treating you well so far. Mine was, well, let’s just say, challenging. I’m writing this entry a bit later than I usually do. It’s already half past eight in the evening where I’m at, and my body is already telling me to shut down for the day (which, I promise, I will heed right after I get this post up).

I don’t talk much about myself because, for starters, I don’t want to bore you with the boring details of my life, and, second, I’m just awkward as hell and was never really good at being in the spotlight, what more shining that light on myself. I’m a backstage kind of person, the one who has the clipboard and bosses everyone behind the curtains, not the actresses.

Anyway (see, I already went on a useless tangent in the paragraph above), today was just really stressful for me. I came back to work today after being gone for a week (I attended a post-graduate certificate course last week). And, what do I come back to? Problems, a handful of them, and not even ones related to my line of work. To think that they all started because of a petty story started by someone who then told another someone who  then told HR. To cut the story short, it’s one big mess and I have to protect my fellow nurses who held the fort while I was gone. Truly, I didn’t expect that I’ll be spending half of my first day back writing back responses to HR. I’m not going into detail because it still pisses me of, but I’ll leave this thought for everyone, something I already said on Twitter: Please, remember that the people who take care of you – doctors, nurses, medtechs, etc – are also human beings. We get also get tired. We also get hurt. We also get mad. We also get sick. Keep that in mind the next time you rail at them.

Okay, rant over, now have some Sum 41 to make today a bit happier.



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