Music Mondays: “The Ecstatics” by Explosions in the Sky

Music Mondays

Music Mondays is a book meme where you share a song you really like. It is hosted by The Tattoed Book Geek.

Hey! Lookie there, it’s Monday!

And I’m at home, wrapped up in my blanket typing a quick post for today because I’ve been feeling guilty for not checking on my blog for a handful of days. Also, I’m sick.

A particularly stubborn and virulent bug has been making its rounds around my workplace for the last couple of weeks. Already, many of our employees have caught it and had to take a couple sick days to rest and recover. I thought my body would be able to fend the sickness off, but I gave myself too much credit (or tempted fate too many times). Needless to say, I’m down for the count for a couple of days at least.

The whole clogged nose (yuck!) constant coughing and fever may not be nice, but it does give me a lot of reason to stay in bed. I’ve been making the most of it by catching up on my reading. I finished Polaris Rising by Jessie Mihalik today, and it was amazing! I still don’t know what book I’ll pick up next, but I’m sure reading and listening to music is all I’ll be doing for the next few days while I shake this bug off.

Anyway, let me share a song that’s currently on my playlist. This one is from Explosions in the Sky. If you’re going to listen to it, don’t expect words. It’s the reason why they’re on my reading playlist (same with Sigur Ros, but only because I don’t understand their songs – the lyrics are Icelandic). As much as I love music, songs with lyrics distracts me. I always end up singing or searching for lyrics on my phone because it triggered a story idea, which is nice but always counterproductive.

Alright, well, I think I babbled enough. I’m not even sure if what I wrote above even makes sense. I’m sure they’re not linear because I’m just writing whatever comes to my fogged up brain right now.

Til next time. Remember to take your vitamins, drink loads of water, always wash your hands, and, for the love of all things good in this world, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze and cough!



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