Music Monday: “Haunted House” by Florence + The Machine

Music Mondays

Music Mondays is a book meme where you share a song you really like. It is hosted by The Tattoed Book Geek.

Hey there! Happy Monday!

I’ve been quiet for most of last week, and may continue to do so in this week as I try to catch up with my reading and writing my blog posts. The last couple of months’ hectic run took a toll on both my reading and writing but since I am done with all the necessary annual reports I needed to submit, I am determined to get back on my usual program for the blog.

I have a couple of things I need to do for the blog – write reviews, work on a feature/discussion post I’ve been sitting on the last month or so, send requests for review copies. It’s all crazy, and I don’t know exactly how to start it, so if you could spare me some good luck I could really put it into good use.

I’ve been terribly outdated re: new music releases as well. Work does that to you. (I wish the younger Rachel, the one who wished she’d grow up faster so she could be an adult and do whatever the hell she wanted, could see present Rachel now.) I only found out that Florence + The Machine  released two new tracks the last month. And, of course, I’m in love with both her new songs. But somehow, with the jittery drums and piano added to Florence Welch’s beautiful vocals and haunting lyrics, I love Haunted House a little bit more. And that is the track I chose to share to you guys this Monday.

Here’s me wishing all of you a great week ahead.



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