First Line Fridays: “The Female of the Species” by Mindy McGinnis

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Oh, hello there! We made it to Friday!

I’ve been going through my backlist TBR lately, wanting to prevent an impending reading slump. This Friday’s FLF feature is a book I’ve long been intrigued by. A handful of people recommended it when I finished reading Courtney Summers’ Sadie last year, telling me that I’ll love it as well. And they were right, I loved this book – loved it and hurt for the main character.

This is how I kill someone.
I learn his habits, I know his schedule. It is not difficult. His life consists of quick stops to the dollar store for the bare minimum of things required to keep this ragged cycle going, his hat pulled down over his eys so as not to be recognized.

But he is. It’s a small town.

I watch these little exchanges. They evolve in seconds, from I get paid to smile at you to the facial muscles going lax when recognition hits, the price scanner making a feeble attempt to break the silence making a beep-beep when his food goes past.

I know this pattern but watch it anyway. The bread, the cheese, the wine, and the crackers that sometimes he will crumble and put out for the birds – a tiny crack of kindness that makes him all the more hateful. Because if there’s a version of him that feeds birds as winter descends, then there is a decency that he chose to overlook when he did other things. Other things that also fed the birds. And the hawks. And the raccoons. And the coyotes. All the animals that took mouthfuls of my sister, destroying any chance of proving he killed her.

But I’m not a court, and I don’t need proof.


The Female of the Species was a like punch in the gut. It made me angry and sad, and all other complicated emotions. I loved how it tackled and handled rape culture within its pages. This is one important book I think all must read.

I’m not sure when I’ll get to it, but I’m going to review this in the future. I just need a longer weekend, and loads of coffee. Seriously though, you guys need to read this book! Now!



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7 thoughts on “First Line Fridays: “The Female of the Species” by Mindy McGinnis

  1. Iola says:

    That’s a lot more than a line, but every word had impact. Thanks for sharing.

    I’m sharing the first line from Catherine West’s latest book over on my blog, As the Light Fades. I know we’re not supposed to judge books by the cover, but this has a great cover and I’m itching to get into it.

    Happy reading!


  2. Paula Shreckhise says:

    My first lines are from Fire Storm by Nancy Mehl

    He waits, hidden in the shadows of the tall, stately trees that lined the street. He is the only one who knows that hell has just opened its doors.


  3. lelandandbecky says:

    Happy Weekend! My first line is from “Choose Me” by Marion Ueckermann:

    “Today of all days, Julia Delpont needed to forget about the world.”


  4. Narelle Atkins says:

    That’s a chilling opening – and I’d also need coffee to read it.

    I’m sharing on my blog the first line from Starting Anew by Melanie D. Snitker.

    Lynn Crosby sat up in bed, unsure of what actually woke her up.


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