First Line Fridays: “The Poppy War” by R.F. Kuang

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Happy Friday everyone!

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend. This coming Monday is a holiday here where I am and I get to have a rare long weekend for myself. Already, I’m planning my reading list.

I’ll be sharing the first few lines of a book I finished a couple of days ago – The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang.


“Take your clothes off.”

Rin blinked. “What?”

The proctor glanced up from his booklet. “Cheating prevention protocol.” He gestured across the room to a female proctor. “Go with her, if you must.”





I know there isn’t much context in the first few lines of the book, but The Poppy War was an incredibly plotted story set in an equally well-crafted world. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was hoping to get my hands on its sequel The Dragon Republic. Alas, I’m fourth in line for it, which means roughly 8 weeks waiting time. Sigh. Anyway, I’ll have The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty and the ARC of Wild Savage Stars by Kristina Pérez (which is coming out this 27th August) to tide me over.



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9 thoughts on “First Line Fridays: “The Poppy War” by R.F. Kuang

  1. Anneliese Dalaba says:

    On my blog, I’m featuring The Trail Boss’s Bride by Erica Vetsch. Since it’s my current read, I’ll share the first line from Chapter 9. “Kitty had never seen so much rain.” I hope you will have a wonderful weekend.


  2. thebeccafiles says:

    Today on my blog I shared the first line from King’s Shadow by Angela Hunt but it’s also my current read so I’ll share the first line from chapter 23 here: “Anyone who studied Herod in the days following Aristobulus’s death would not doubt his deep and sincere grief.” Happy reading!


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