Word for Word: Franz Kafka on Youth

Youth Franz Kafka


“Allegiant” Round-up

Initiates, October 22 is almost upon as all. Aren’t you excited? I know I am. So, as we count down the remaining handful of days to the Allegiant release, let’s do a little round-up of all the teasing quotes we got. Here goes.

Tris Chapter 7


Tobias (2)

Tris or Tobias


Tris or Tobias BN2

Tris or Tobias BN1

Tris Chapter 8

Tobias Chapter 9

Tobias Chapter 10

Tris Chapter 11

Tris Chapter 22

Tris Chapter 32

Tris Chapter 43

Tobias Chapter 44

Word for Word: T. Michael Martin (The End Games) on Great Stories


Word for Word: Laurie Halse Anderson on “Real Books”

If you haven’t heard about Macmillan’s new program, you better check it out. It focuses on books tackling real life themes, especially ones concerning teens. Check it out here.

Word for Word: Jack Kerouac “On The Road”

Jack Keroac

We all do have to be mad enough to be able to live –┬ámad with desire, mad with being alive.