First Line Fridays: “Sweet Black Waves” by Kristina Perez

First Line Fridays (feature photo)

First Line Fridays is a weekly feature hosted by Hording Books.

This weeks FLF line comes from one of my current reads. I also featured this book in a recent CWW post. Yes, boys and girls, I finally have it in my hands. 🤩🤩🤩



Smoke and screams and love.

Fractured images swirled in the back of Branwen’s mind, transporting her a thousand leagues away from Castle Rigani. She dug her fingernails into the armrests of her chair as her heartbeat accelerated. The dreams always grew worse this time of year. Snatches of color like stained glass that collided togethet and burst apart.





I’m not yet very far into this one as I only started yesterday and I’m also reading one other book (which I started earlier). Rest assured though, I will reviewing this book. I love what I’ve read so far.



What are you currently reading? Come, share the first line of it with me.

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