First Line Fridays: “The Storm Crow” by Kalyn Josephson

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Happy Friday!

I’ve been a fantasy binge lately. I recently finished Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon by Mary Fan and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also started listening to the audiobook of Julie Kagawa’s Shadow of the Fox and, tell you what, the narration and production are just amazing. I’m truly having the best time with my books right now.

I’m going to be sharing the first few lines from my other current read. In keeping with my recent reading craving, it’s also a fantasy and features magic, crows and warring kingdoms.


I was a storm. Adrenaline ripped through my veins like lightning as I leaned close to the body of my crow, preparing to execute a dive. Iyla’s warm, steady heat kept me grounded, even hundreds of feet in the air. Cold wind whipped tendrils of hair free from my braid, nipping at the skin around my goggle and stealing my breath.




I’m only 57% through this book so I can’t give you much about it yet, but the worldbuilding is luscious. And the villain? I just want to clock her, so that says something.

The Storm Crow releases July 9. Meanwhile, my review of Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon is scheduled to be published tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.

Alright, that’s it for me today. Hope you all have a great weekend! Happy reading!



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